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Founder's message

In the vision of every Kyrgyzstani who hopes for the best, by 2030 Kyrgyzstan will become a competitive country, with a diversified economy, high per capita incomes, a full and active member of the global community. To achieve this, it is necessary to focus on the main wealth - human resources. The driving force of the economy, the enlightened elite, are scientists, educators, investors, entrepreneurs and workers who create knowledge, finance and develop businesses, provide the economy with a workforce and create the foundation for global competitiveness.

Elections to the Student Parliament

In our College of IT and Business, the elections of the President of the Student Parliament were held.

Business training

Today, a 3-day training “Me and my business” started at the Business Incubator of Salymbekov University


Avaz Kazakov, Vice-Rector for Development and External Relations of Salymbekov University, conducts a train...