The priority goal of the International Faculty of Medicine is to train highly qualified medical specialists with a complex of theoretical and practical skills in the field of medicine and healthcare. The training of highly qualified medical personnel is based on educational and professional programs in the direction of «Medicine» and includes three equal components: educational, practical and scientific parts The educational process is built on the basis of curricula that comply with the state educational standards of the Kyrgyz Republic, and educational programs of partner universities in the near and far abroad. The normative term of study for the programs «General Medicine» is 6 years and for the direction «General Medicine» — 5 years (Experimental). Students who successfully complete these programs and pass state exams are issued a standard diploma in the relevant areas. Additionally, at the request of the graduate, a European diploma supplement (Diploma Supplement) is issued Scientific activity Training programs in the direction of «Medicine» are also focused on research activities in the field of medicine. The implementation of research activities allows you to use the methods of a scientific approach, master scientific methodology. The graduate masters the skills of writing scientific articles, projects and works. Interuniversity and international research conferences and events are held on a regular basis.

Dean’s office

  Umetaliyeva Maana Nurdinova — Dean of the International Faculty of Medicine, a qualified ophthalmologist, has extensive experience in the field of education and medicine, the author of scientific articles and publications: Features of clinical and morphometric disorders and the algorithm for the treatment of patients with idiopathic retinovasculitis, V.A. Usenko, M.N. Umetalieva//Bulletin of KRSU.-T.1.-No.1. — Bishkek, 2021. P.87-92 «Clinical and Angiocalibrometric Changes of Retina Vessels in Patients with Idiopathic Retinovasculitis»  
    • Significance of hemodynamic disorders in retinal vessels during idiopathic retinovasculitis, M.N. Umetalieva//Salymbekov University
    Arzieva Nazgul Nurmamatovna — Deputy Dean of the International Faculty of Medicine, qualified doctor, obstetrician-gynecologist. Job descriptions of the dean of the faculty Order for the Deputy Dean