Salymbekov University successfully passed international accreditation

Recognition of Salymbekov University as an international accredited educational institution confirms the high quality of educational programs for training international specialists, modern conditions for obtaining and applying high-quality knowledge and skills, including innovative educational buildings, multidisciplinary own clinics, resource bases and high professionalism of teachers and employees. The university management expresses its deep gratitude to the teaching staff, students, employees, parents of students, employers for the joint work, thanks to which such high results were achieved. Also, the University expresses its gratitude to the International Agency for the Accreditation of Educational Programs and Organizations (AAOPO) and the expert commission for their high professionalism in their work and independent assessment of the quality of the university’s educational programs. Thanks to the support of AAOPO, it was possible to strengthen the quality of education and science and show that the University is an internationally recognized university capable of ready-made high-quality world-class specialists. Salymbekov University has always adhered to the position as an educational institution that meets international standards for the quality of education, having all the conditions and means for training highly qualified specialists who can make a significant contribution to the development of society and the country.