International Faculty of Medicine


Salymbekov University is a university with modern and innovative medical equipment, modern and beautiful building and highly competitive medical staff, most of whom have medical education, work experience and are fluent in English. The university is an open international university not only for domestic students, but also for foreign students. Medical education is provided by the International Faculty of Medicine. The training covers practical exercises as well as theoretical and humanitarian subjects. Clinical disciplines and practical seminars will be held in specially equipped classrooms with mannequins and medical instruments such as microscopes, chemical and physical equipment.


The best teachers and leading specialists of our country are involved in the learning process. The main task is to satisfy the market of educational services, ensure the export of knowledge and implement a program for the successful introduction of multilingual education in Kyrgyzstan. The main educational programs are developed in accordance with the requirements of state educational standards. The terms of education are 6 years for citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic and 5 years for foreign students. Upon graduation from the University, the graduate is awarded the qualification «Doctor».


For convenience, students and staff are provided with a comfortable stay in the buildings during educational activities. The Faculty of Medicine provides and provides all the conditions for conducting educational and practical activities, as well as for sports. Classrooms for practical exercises are equipped with visual aids, models of body parts and organs, posters; multimedia equipment has been installed to expand learning opportunities in such laboratories and classrooms as:
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  • Simulation and simulation center
  • 7 laboratories of chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry, anatomy and 2 diagnostic laboratories
  • Preparatorskaya
  • Modern and spacious classrooms
  • Library
  • Medical Center
  • reading room
  • computer class
The implementation of educational programs is achieved by the access of each student to databases and library funds, which are completed with printed and electronic publications. The practice of students is the most important part in the training of personnel in the health care system and is an integral part of the educational process. The main objective of the internship is to obtain and improve practical knowledge and skills for future doctors in caring for patients, diagnosing and providing medical care to patients, getting to know the organization and working conditions of doctors in hospitals and medical centers.


The main values and the main guarantors of sustainable development for us are the teaching staff of the university, its staff and students. Teachers are the most important element in training, since the qualifications of a teacher, his pedagogical competence, working and living conditions, human and moral qualities play a key role in the preparation of highly qualified medical specialists. Education at our University is carried out by highly qualified teachers, including more than 20 doctors and candidates of sciences.


We adhere to the policy of providing quality education, all our efforts are aimed at the formation of a leading university, which will be recognized as a leader among higher educational institutions in the Kyrgyz Republic. We are firmly convinced that such lofty goals and objectives will be achieved through the implementation of our educational program and the active development of international relations. The Faculty, as an open educational structure of the University, develops comprehensive international partnerships with other universities, authorities and the public. The process of integrating the Faculty of General Medicine, as well as the University itself, into the global educational space will develop through participation in various international scientific and educational programs.