Обращение директора DOC university Hospital

DOC University Clinic

University clinic «DOC University Clinic» is a new multidisciplinary medical center that provides quality medical services to the general public in accordance with national and international standards. According to the license, this clinic has the right to diagnose and treat therapeutic, cardiological, pulmonological, pediatric, neurological and dental diseases of a therapeutic profile, diagnostics, conservative and surgical treatment of surgical, gynecological, urological and ENT diseases with the provision of anesthetic and resuscitation benefits, functional diagnostics ( Ultrasound) in outpatient and inpatient settings. The clinic is fully prepared to provide the above medical services to citizens of the country.

doc clinic


Candidate of Medical Sciences, PhD,

Head of the Department of Clinical and Morphological Disciplines

Highly qualified medical personnel, coupled with new innovative medical equipment, is ready to provide the specified range of medical services and referrals at a high professional level for the citizens of Kyrgyzstan and will make a significant contribution to the development of the healthcare system and strengthening the health of the country’s population.


Urologist, General Director of «DOC university clinic»

It should be noted that the clinic is part of the clinical base of the University and is an indicator of its further development. Strengthening the clinical base strengthens not only the country’s healthcare system, but also makes a significant contribution to the development of exports of higher medical education and attracting investment to the country. [URIS id=6829]