Политика качества

The quality policy of Salymbekov University is aimed at ensuring the high quality of education in the educational services market of Kyrgyzstan, the creation of a modern education system focused on the introduction of innovative teaching methods and technologies. The main directions of development of the quality of education and training of high-quality specialists are:

  • Constant, sustainable, dynamic development of the university;
  • Improving the quality management system of the university on an ongoing basis through a systematic approach;
  • Conducting educational activities in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2015 and in accordance with the laws and regulations of state bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic and internal regulations;
  • Providing citizens of the country and foreign citizens with high-quality higher and additional education;
  • Continuous professional development of teaching staff and employees;
  • Development and implementation of research achievements and innovative ideas and methods in educational, scientific and clinical activities;
  • Constant monitoring and control of the educational, scientific and clinical processes of the university;
  • Continuous improvement and updating of material, technical and clinical bases by investing financial and human resources;
  • Active participation of the team, students, stakeholders and parents in educational, scientific and extracurricular processes;
  • Development of corporate culture and spirit of competition through continuous professional development, additional trainings, courses and seminars among the staff and students;
  • Creating conditions for the versatile development of a person who has deep knowledge in his field, is a versatile person with a high culture and moral, spiritual values.
  • Ensuring a healthy and safe atmosphere among the staff and students.
The quality policy of the university fully complies with internal requirements and is aimed at continuous improvement of the QMS. The university management, represented by the President, is the main responsible person in the implementation of this Quality Policy and creates all the necessary conditions for achieving the strategic goals of the university. Each employee of the university is responsible for the performance of high-quality work within their powers and competencies. Quality Management System :
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