The International College of IT and Business «Salymbekov University» employs a highly qualified teaching staff: Dr. DIVYA MIDHUNCHAKKARAVARTHY, PhD Professor More than 12 years of successful experience in the field of education, including teaching, lecturing, and research work. Has experience in developing innovative training courses and teaching methodologies. He has the skills to conduct serious research, accredited by publications and reports at conferences. Recognized as a driven and organized academic with extensive knowledge of cybersecurity and networking.     DR.HISHAMUDDIN BIN M. SALLEH A skilled and well-trained IT professional with over 19 years of IT systems and project management experience who excels in leading cross-functional teams and coordinating multiple projects simultaneously. Expertise for a full range of information and communication technology (ICT) consulting services and also includes design, architecture, solutions and design methodologies to assist private business, corporate and government agencies.       MOHD NABIL AMIN BIN HARMAN SHAH Proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere pro. Adobe Flash and Adobe Indesign Experience with design work and demonstrative research skills.         Mr. B. VIVEKANANDAM A highly motivated, professional and experienced teacher of computer science and applied programs with extensive knowledge in the field of teaching computer science.         Dr. MIDHUNCHAKKARAVARTHY JANARTHANAN Worthy academician with 12 years of experience and deep knowledge in the discipline of programming; also dealt with the structuring of curricula and; very interested in participating in the development of new interdisciplinary training programs; has a deep commitment to teaching; excels in research and has established partnerships with educational institutions around the world.       YAHYA-IMAM MINUR KOLAPO I am passionate about quality education and research and look forward to working with such a prestigious university. I am committed to doing research to achieve an impact that will lead to measurable change.         DUISHEKEEVA ALISA OMURKULOVNA Instructor for the course «Mobile Application Development» Achievements: — development of android mobile applications in Java, in Kotlin, on the Android-Studio platform, — work with BaaS platforms, with combined design patterns for mobile applications, — work with Git-Hub, API services, Retrofit2, Navigation & UI, — Jetpack Compose basics, — application of the principles of Clean Architecture.   NURSULTAN ZHOLOCHUBEKOV Programmer-developer Achievements: — development of new web services; — code analysis and optimization; — optimization of development processes; — Leading the development of frontend and backend parts; — development of CRM systems; — development of unique and standard integration solutions; — development of system architecture.