Student Council 2020-2021

Composition of the Student Council 2020-2021

Based on the report on the online voting, I ask you to approve the following members of the Student Council.

Student Council President: Muhammad Ali GM-2-19

Vice President of the Student Council: Umer Muhammad GM-6-19

Vice President of the Student Council: Bekzod Ergashov GM-LD-1-20

Vice President of the Student Council: Muhammad Abbas GM-12-19

Student Council Secretary: Shah Syed Hassan Jamal GM-1-19

Minister of Education and Quality: Aynan Muhammad GM-4-19

Minister of Finance and Social Support Zafar Ayeesha GM-1-19

Ethics Council Minister Hafeez Muhammad Hamza GM-1-19

Minister of Culture Abbasi Laraib GM-1-19

Sports Minister Saeed Ammar GM-11-19

Student Scientific Council Hassan Muhammad Wajeeh GM-10-19

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development Butt Sohira Naz GM-7-19