Студенческий совет 2021-2022

The structure of the Student Council of the «Salymbekov University» Institution
Chairman — Ramankulova M., group: LD-1-21
Vice President of the Student Council — Ansar Sana, group: GM-10-19
Student Council Vice President — Ansar Usman, Group: GM-10-19
Student Council Secretary — Naeem Nimra, group GM-7-19
Minister of Education and Quality — Arshad Syed Rehman, Group GM-7-20
Minister of Finance and Social Support — Abbasi Laraib, Group GM-1-19
Ethics Council Minister — Ilyas Muhammad, Group GM-9-19
Minister of Culture — Khan Amir Zeb, Group GM-5-20
Sports Minister — Khan Muhammad Danish, Group GM-1-19
Student Scientific Council — Uzair Muhammad, group GM-6-20