Учебная деятельность

International College of IT and Business

The International College of IT and Business is a new innovative college with a modern material and technical base, which has all the conditions for high-quality training of specialists in the field of IT and business. Professional educators and current developers and developers in the IT field provide quality knowledge and skills for our students in order to prepare true professionals in their field in the field of IT and technology. Students receive high-quality knowledge and skills in 3 directions:
  • Software development;
  • Development of mobile applications;
  • Development of multimedia programs;
The educational activities of students include visiting additional education circles to broaden their horizons. The School of Creative Professions operates in the building of Salymbekov University, the main goal of which is to provide innovative knowledge and estates in the field of IT, personal growth and development, and strengthening the creative and scientific potential of students. Additionally, courses are conducted on visual effects, graphic design, editing of full-fledged films and videos. There are classes on time management, personal development and strengthening of leadership qualities among students, first aid classes are conducted for students in case of emergency.
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International Faculty of Medicine

The International Faculty of Medicine is a structural unit of the university responsible for the quality training of specialists in the field of medicine. At the faculty, citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic and foreign citizens from near and far abroad receive high-quality knowledge and skills. Salymbekov University students study in the direction of «General Medicine» in Russian and English and practice in 4 of their own multifunctional clinics